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Our hotel


Welcome to our family hotel. It is situated close to the Konopiste castle – one of the most beautiful castles in the Czech Republic and the second most visited and formally the home of Franz Ferdinand d`Este. Our hotel is situated 40 km from Prague – the capital, 25 min by car, easy access by train and by bus. The hotel is situated 1 km from Benesov city where you will find a range of restaurants and the newly opened shopping center – The Green Park.

The whole area is surrounded by nature, on the south and west side there is a forest, on the north side of the hotel is surrounded by a stream. There is a playground for children, the adults can find here their own space for relaxing.

Our hotel is family friendly hotel. We offer many activities for children and adults. Free of charge are table tennis, badminton, garden chess, petangue, kroket, discgolf and trampoline and the many other activities.

Our latest very popular attraction and included in your stay is a free rental of scooters for guests and their children and also we have four wheel bike powered quads for the family. There are many trip on offer including the tours of the castle and you can see the wild bear there which is a long tradition in Konopiste. There are also many other attractions locally. Our location is set in the most beautiful Centre Bohemia region, it is ideal for hikers, cyclists and motorcyclists. Included free of charge is an entry to own private Museum of historical motorcycles, one of the largest motorcycle museums in the Czech Republic.

Our hotel has 6 individual apartments ranging from two bedroom apartments to five bedroom apartments. All with own private bathrooms, 3 of which have fitted kitchens. Our hotel is of the highest standard and family friendly. Also included in the accommodation is a buffet breakfast and parking which is secured and covered by CCTV. We have a capacity of 17 beds and 5 extra beds.